Camouflage, Behind the Abstract Pattern

24.11.19 - 30.03.20

The concept of camouflage involves much more than a particular type of abstract motif. The exhibition Camouflage: Art – Nature – War at the FeliXart Museum offers a historical overview of the various tactics and motives involved in camouflage, and examines and reflects on the theme of camouflage in art and in our contemporary societies. With the advent of facial recognition systems and the risks of invasion of privacy, the subject is more than ever topical.

The abstract camouflage patterns we are so familiar with today took shape on an experimental basis during the First World War, at the same time as Belgian artists were also experimenting with abstraction. The exhibition presents a surprising and original combination of specimens of natural camouflage, military objects and works of art. It highlights camouflage’s relation to nature, the phenomena of optical illusion and the ambiguity of images.